A day to remember

My day was blessed yesterday.

It started off great – I got to walk with Carey through Cottonwood. Then I rode the motorcycle to a meeting at work during which folks told me I am doing a great job. I was grateful but uncomfortable with that, because I know it is God’s blessing – not my work – they are seeing. But He wouldn’t let me tell them – it’s not the right time. I was glad when I got to “clock out” and go home to spend time with Carey.

While I was at work Carey went to visit – and pray with – friends. Carey cooked cubed steak for supper. After supper we watched “An Affair to Remember” (from 1957.) We loved the first part but didn’t like when they stopped talking to each other.

Darcy had a good day at school and brought home a progress report for me to sign – an “A.”

Matt made it home from Wakarusa late yesterday morning and went to work at 4p. He closed Staples last night then brought Micah back to our house where they cooked spaghetti together sometime after 10p.


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Rather go to the dentist

I had a great day yesterday. I had meetings in Nashville starting at 8a and going into the afternoon. Carey went to Lindsey‘s house and helped with yard work while I was in Nashville, then met me at home in the afternoon.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday. But the best part of the dentist was that Carey came with me to Dental Bliss. I had just gotten seated in the hygienist’s chair when I saw – through the huge glass window – Carey walking on the dentist’s nature path. After the hygienist was finished (no cavities!) I caught up with Carey on a bench swing facing the creek. We sat and talked for a while there.

Afterwards we came home and I worked for a while longer. Carey and I had supper in the sunroom then – just before sunset – walked the dogs through Fieldstone Farms.

Darcy brought home a good progress report from summer school yesterday. And she had one test driver of her car yesterday – a Mom looking at cars for her 14-year-old daughter. She’s not ready to buy yet. Darcy cooked supper for Taylor last night at Taylor’s parents’ house.

No word from Matt at Wakarusa.

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Sheesh – Kabobs

I had the best day yesterday and never went in a car. Carey and I woke and talked about our dreams. It took a little while to get the day going, but we exercised together then I paid bills.

I worked at home for a while. Carey went to the store and bought a few groceries that she prepared for me to grill shish kabobs. I hadn’t done that in a long time – they were great. (Darcy went out to eat with Taylor.)

We went for a long walk around Fieldstone Farms last night and watched the sun set.

After enjoying Casablanca so much night before last, I’ve been wondering: What other, great old movies have I missed? What are your top 3 classic movies?

Darcy went to school yesterday and was happy she had the only “A” in the class on one of her tests. We talked about the best dates for her orientation at MTSU and she filled out the paperwork for that.

You don't want to buy a car, do you?

And I posted her car on Craigslist yesterday, using her description and the pictures she took. Taylor got a job for the Summer and won’t be driving her to school as much, so she plans to retrieve her car from Garland’s and drive it back and forth from school.

No word from Matt at Wakarusa.

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Here’s looking at you, kid

We had the greatest of days yesterday.

Carey and I started off the day slowly, talking about the dreams we had had the night before. But we made it to New River Fellowship church on time and heard another great message from Steve Garret. He so knows the love of God.

We invited Darcy and Taylor to join us at lunch – and all our other activities – but they had other plans all day.

Saying a blessing for Sadie Rose.

We went from church to the hospital to see Meagan‘s new baby – Sadie Rose. She is very cute and, oddly enough, smells like a new baby.

We walked from the hospital to Sonic for a quick snack then drove to the Verizon store to have them look at my phone for a minute – they fixed an annoying little problem for me. From there we went to Wal-Mart for a few staples, to Staples for a few office supplies, and to Marshall’s to look at a couple of paintingsĀ Lindsey had picked out for us (we didn’t buy them.)

We had planned to go to the first night of the summer concert series at Crockett Park in Brentwood, but while at church, our friend Lanie invited us to join her and 17 others at the Bunganut Pig for supper, then to see the movie Casablanca at the newly revised Franklin Theater.

Conversation at supper was Spirited. Most of our group, including Carey and me, had not seen the movie all the way through. It is still a great movie – fast paced, exciting, and romantic. I knew many of the lines but there were many that are cliches today that I didn’t know came from the movie. We had a great time.

Carey and I capped the night off with a trip to Sweet CeCe’s – just a great day all the way through.

Darcy and Taylor watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” at home last night and Darcy said she liked it. She got a couple of calls on her car yesterday but no one has come to look at it.

No word from Matt at Wakarusa.

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Great Jeepin’ – Sadie Rose here

I had another best day yesterday.

Mostly looking at each other. Sometimes looking at trees!

Carey and I drove the Jeep to Brentwood to see the Deerwood Arboretum & Nature Center. Carey already knew the names of most of the trees.

Then we took the Jeep to Leipers Fork and had a late lunch at Puckett’s at the same table where Carey fell in love with me. From there we came back to Franklin, stopped by the rope swing on the Harpeth, then jeeped up to the overlook where we like to go. The Jeep is still running great. The only problem we had was running out of gas at the exact same spot where the top broke a couple of months ago. But no worries – the Jeep doesn’t have a gas gauge that works, so I always keep a 2 gallon gas can in the back.

Last night we watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” I had forgotten how funny it is. Especially the part where the Aunt tells the fiance about her twin the doctor found in the lump on her neck.

Lindsey called this morning. Her best friend Meagan finally had her baby girl last night: Sadie Rose – 7 lbs, 19 3/4 in.

Darcy went swimming with Taylor at Garland’s house, then they called me to park Darcy’s car in Garland’s front yard to sell. She wants another VW Beetle.

No word from Matt at Wakarusa.

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Great night downtown

We had a great day yesterday. We still start every day listening to God.

Carey and I did our Insanity workout together, she took Cricket to Franklin Kennels to be groomed, picked up the grandkids and brought them back here to play in our wading pool. While they played yesterday, I worked for several hours for Locomotion Creative.

When Cricket was ready, we picked him up from the groomers where Lindsey met us to pick up the grandkids. Carey and I came home and rode the Jeep up to play tennis, came home, showered, then went to Auston’s Grill for supper before going to downtown Franklin to the grand re-opening of the Franklin Theater. We danced in the street to the great swing band they had (a cicada landing on you adds all new dance moves!) and watched parts of some of the old movies they had in the streets. It was great fun!

Downtown was packed! We saw lots of people we knew, including our friend Shane, who took this picture of Heather next to the “Welcome to our Cicada Festival” sign.
And while I’m posting pictures, here’s one of Carey, Lilly, and me on the water slide that Lindsey and Jarratt made for Memorial Day. That was fun last Monday, too.

Darcy went to summer school yesterday (part of her graduating early is summer school in June & July) then went on a date with Taylor. We invited them to go downtown with us, but they didn’t want to go see old people watching old movies.

Matt left Wednesday night for the Wakarusa music festival in the Ozark mountains. He’s not planning to be home until Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Exercising help

Sorry so long in posting. Couldn’t pass this up – the grandkids spent the night last night and helped us exercise at 6 this morning:

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