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Struck by Lightning, drowned, and shot

Well . . . almost.

I had the best day yesterday.

Carey and I woke early and had a great time with God – more about that coming up in this week’s column – later this week.

At 7a yesterday we agreed to go to the rope swing over the Harpeth River. That’s right – the place the Bone & Joint Clinic says they get most of their customers.

We have driven past it dozens of times and have seen lots of teens having fun there but it never seemed right to join them. Yesterday morning seemed like the right time to jump in the spirit (water) in a bigger way.

We swung out over the water and dropped in, one at a time. It was shallow (only about chest deep,) but we didn’t land deep, and had a great time. While we were in the water, a thunderstorm came up and it poured down rain for about ten minutes, creating thousands of bubbles on the surface of the water. It was beautiful and reminded me of the “diamonds” on the table the first night I met Carey.

After a very relaxing, releasing morning in the Harpeth, we went straight (we were in the Jeep, it didn’t matter that we were wet) to the Loveless Cafe to receive a big country breakfast and to give them a little love. We both know that the Loveless on a Saturday morning is going to be touristy and crowded, but it was still fun.

From there we drove the Jeep down the Natchez Trace until I saw a good place to go off road. I saw a gravel road not too far from the Trace and cut down and across a little field. We turned right on the gravel road and rode a little ways until we saw a picket fence across the road. We turned around, not wanting to trespass and go in anyone’s driveway.

We drove about a half mile, crossing through a creek and climbing steep hills, back down the gravel road to try to find the paved road that leads to the gravel road. That’s when we came up on the house – a big, columned southern mansion amidst the trees.

We turned around again, thinking we would have to exit off road – the same way we came in – when I saw a car in my rearview mirror. I pulled over, turned the Jeep off, and the woman driving the car said, “There must be an explanation.”

She was about our age, angry, and menacing. I said, “I can’t think of one . . . we were on the trace, saw this road, and wanted to see where it goes.”

“This isn’t a road, it’s a driveway,” she said. “People around here have guns and shoot trespassers.”

“We didn’t know we were trespassing. I thought it was a road,” I said.

Carey was smiling at the woman the whole time and simply asked, “How do we get out?”

The woman begrudgingly (I think she wanted to shoot us) led us back to the gate we saw, pushed a few buttons, and the gate opened. We left and stayed on known public roads the rest of the Jeep ride – pretty much.

After our morning out, we came home, cut grass, weedeated, and trimmed dead tree branches.

Darcy was home all morning. Just as Carey and I finished yard work, she went out to visit Taylor at work but her car wouldn’t start. After calls to the parts store, we decided it is the crankshaft position sensor. I spent the rest of the day – and until 9:30 last night – getting the part ($15,) jacking up the car and finding the part on the car. But the sensor is above and behind the starter. I can’t get to it laying on the street, on the hill in front of our house.

Matt spent the night out night before last but we got to see him a little last night.

Father’s Day last weekend was fun. Carey and I went to her brother’s house on Tim’s Ford lake to ski and visit with family Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Darcy and Matt were invited, neither could go. Darcy went shopping for apartment accessories with her new room mates. Matt went to visit Micah and worked. We all met back home for dinner Sunday night.


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Carey’s Poem

OK, Carey is the only person who has asked me to do this, but she is enough: I’m posting the poem I wrote for her and that I read as a surprise at our wedding.

I actually wrote this as a song, but I recorded myself singing it in several keys and none of them sounded good enough to see the light of day. When I recorded myself reading it out loud, though, it sounded acceptable.

Rob reading the poem he wrote as a surprise for Carey at their wedding.

Carey’s Song

Most say we’ve only known each other a short while.
But when they see us together, they join our smile.
Just one look at us and they know
That our Jesus loves us so.

And as we travel through the years
We’ll know that when we pray He always hears.
And every morning when I rise,
I’ll get to see Jesus in your eyes.

God so loved us that he gave his only son.
And in a blink He told me you’re the one.
So I don’t worry ‘bout what to do or say
I only hear God’s voice and I obey.

And we’ll move forward through the years
Knowing when we pray, He always hears.
And every morning when I rise,
I’ll get to see Jesus in your eyes.

So as we share this precious love,
We’ll always give thanks to God above.
We’ll see lots of marriages that are good and true
But ours will be supernatural because I have you.

And as we travel through the years
We’ll know that when we pray He always hears.
And every morning when I rise,
I’ll get to see Jesus in your eyes.

And that’s what’s happening every morning!

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Juicy night-time honeymoon details

We have had the very best couple of weeks and every day keeps getting better.

The wedding and reception were perfect. Though we didn’t ask anyone to video the ceremony, our friend Shane captured the congregation singing “Victory in Jesus” on his Flip video camera:

Rob & Carey Wedding from shane pass on Vimeo.

And here are the “best” still photos from over 600 that our friends Rochelle & Kim took at the rehearsal, wedding, and reception.

Carey and I went to Key West for the first leg of our honeymoon. The weather was perfect: high 70’s – 80 degrees. We swam, walked on the beach, snorkeled, and rode bikes all over the island. It was perfect.

We could see the sunrise from our bed in the hotel room. And this was the sunset from our balcony:

From our balcony.

This was the sunset from the pier of our hotel:

From the pier attached to our hotel.

We did a couple of things that I don’t think many honeymooners do – we included the kids in our honeymoon. Darcy was the only person we told where we were on the first leg of our honeymoon. And to include Lindsey, we played a guessing game. We gave her clues to where we were until she guessed it.

She was pretty amazing. The first clue was this video from our room.

A few days later we sent this picture of the marker at the southern most point in the continental United States.

To be fair, the picture we sent her had the “Key West” copy cropped out. Even so, from this clue, she knew we were in Key West. Then she went back to the video (above,) saw the color patterns on the roof and walls of the building outside our room. She then looked at satellite pictures from MapQuest until she saw the matching roof line and matched the color of the bedspread with colors in photos of the hotel site and identified our hotel. She said the whole process only took about 15 minutes.

Since Carey listens to God every minute of every day, I had planned several options for her – beyond Key West. I have 2 different friends who have places on the beach in the panhandle area of Florida and each had said we could stay there in early February.

During one of our early dates, I had asked Carey her favorite: mountains or beach. Neither of us could decide – we both like both. So I also had a place in Boone, NC “on hold” in case Carey wanted to ski.

Together we decided that driving to FL was too much moving around. So, after Key West, we stayed with kids a few days, washed clothes, then drove to Boone to ski Beech Mountain for a few days. We invited all kids to come: Nathan and Matt had to work, Lindsey and her crew were able to come up after we had been there for two nights, making it 6 adults and 5 kids 4 and under in a 2 room townhouse. Darcy decided that was too many people in too small a place and decided not to come even though schools were closed for snow days.

The weather was perfect in Boone, also. The roads were clear for us to drive, then the snow started the night after we got there – so we had a couple of inches of fresh powder to ski. The days were 30 degrees and sunny with perfect ski conditions.

For those of you who want to hear juicy honeymoon stories from the bedroom, here’s one I can tell you:

Thursday night Carey and I were in bed. About 2 a.m. we both woke up at the same time. I was holding her in my arms, about to kiss her, when I had the most unusual sensation. It felt like someone was crawling over me. Then I remembered it was the first night Lindsey & crew were in Boone with us and what I was feeling probably was someone crawling over me.

When no one was crawling over me any more and someone was now leaning on my back, I whispered to Carey, “That was weird. I don’t even know who that was.”

Carey whispered back, “That was Trevor.” (Chandler & Meagan’s 3 year old.)

I thought for a minute, then asked, “Does he wet the bed?”

She answered, “I put pull-ups on him tonight.”

I said, “That means yes, doesn’t it?”

By this time we were both laughing so hard we almost made a noise. That would have woken the other 4 children 4 and under, so we choked it down.

When we finally had ourselves under control, Carey whispered, “I had a dream.”

Trevor whispered back, “What?”

Carey said, “I had a dream last night.”

I said, “I heard you, that was Trevor who asked ‘What?'”

And when we stopped laughing about that, Trevor whispered, “I tooted.”

I quickly said, “That was Trevor again . . . And I was worried about him wetting the bed!”

Since getting back from skiing we have been working on getting the house in order – merging 3 homes into two. We are still working on that but everything we do together is fun.

Valentine’s Day – we had a great, romantic Valentine’s Day out planned – but ended up moving furniture – from Lindsey’s house to our house – longer than anticipated. So we had a great, romantic Valentine’s Day at home. As it turns out, that was what God wanted all along . . . Taylor and Darcy were invited to be out with us, declined, and were at our house for Valentine’s Day, but not in the same room as us.

Yesterday Carey and I went to get her name changed on her driver’s license. And Rochelle and Kim came to our house to show us over 600 pictures they took at the wedding. They are incredible! I grilled ribs and Darcy ate supper with us while we looked at wedding pictures.

I plan to do better in getting back to daily updates. Thanks for your patience.

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