Point Clear Again

See the point.

Carey and I went to Point Clear, AL again last week. We saw our friend Robert again, and that was part of why God sent us there, but not the main point.

We visited the Family Revival Center – a little, Spirit filled church in Foley, AL – Sunday night. It wasn’t really a church service, it was a prayer meeting where we prayed with eight or ten new friends. Even though they half-jokingly asked us if we would consider becoming youth ministers for the church, that was not the reason for our trip.

We took our 40-year-old tandem bike this trip. We rode it all over Point Clear, Fairhope, and Gulf Shores, AL. We even rode it on the grounds of The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, though we were only visitors. One of the guests of the $300/night resort said, “Did you rent that here? I want one of those.”

It was on this trip that God again showed me how much Carey and I move in tandem – that’s what the Grand Hotel guest really wants. But that, too, was only a support for the point God wanted to make clear to us.

It wasn’t until we got home that we started getting a fuller picture of why we went on the trip.

Our first night home I had a dream. I was with someone named Jerubbaal in a hi-rise building – it may have been a hotel lobby. The elevators weren’t working. I didn’t know Jerubbaal, but he seemed more supernatural than natural and was angelic in some way. He took me to a very long ramp that took us to the top of the twenty-story building in little cars like roller coaster cars that were silent.

When we woke, Carey told me that Jerubbaal was the name given to Gideon after he destroyed the altars of Baal. (Judges 6.) We were in the kitchen talking about the dream when I told Carey, “I’m not really a man of great physical power. I don’t really see myself taking 300 men to kill thousands of other men as Gideon did.” (Judges 7.)

As I said this, a dove landed on the railing of the deck just outside our kitchen window and walked across the rail in front of us.

Carey said, “There’s a dove, what is the Holy Spirit telling you?”

I knew I didn’t have to kill men to follow God as Gideon did. Jesus has power in peace. It seems the reason for our trip was to reinforce God’s invitation to us to keep moving forward in seeking Him. Don’t ever stop. If we are not moving forward, we are moving backwards.

And the way to make sure we are moving forward is to ask God each step of the way – even Gideon had his fleece. (Judges 6:37-40.)

You can’t remove all the need in the world today but there are lots of ways you can help. Ask God to show you how you can move forward today.

Point Clear

Point Clear and Gulf Shores.


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  1. When you receive (hear, accept, value, listen and respond to) the one who is sent to you (in this case, Carey), you receive the One who sent her/him. This is the Body of Christ manifesting in your marriage. Sweet!

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