Amazon Jungle Adventure

A fun-filled day yesterday.

Carey and I started the day yesterday with our Insanity workout.

Insanity - with the grandkids.

While we were still exercising, Lindsey brought the grandkids to our house for the day. They exercised with us.

One of the calmer sections of the Amazon.

After exercise, we went on our Amazon River Jungle Adventure. (We walked down the creek behind our house.) We saw piranha (minnows,) a giant snapping turtle (but it was plastic,) and heard alligators (the water in my boots sucking at my feet.) We had a great time.

Our trophy from the adventure.

Rock climbing, cliff diving in the Amazon.

We also went cliff diving in the creek. (Climbed this rock.)

While the grandkids napped, I worked at home. Carey took them back to Lindsey later, meeting Lindsey at K-Mart, then came home for supper.

After supper, we walked the dogs. Cricket’s leg was fine during the walk but he started limping again when we got home. He may have a little drama in him. After the walk, we took a Jeep ride to the rope swing at the River and saw the sun set.

It was a beautiful night after a beautiful day.

Darcy had a good day at school. Taylor had a good first day of work. They celebrated by cooking mac and cheese at Taylor’s, then swimming in Taylor’s neighborhood pool.

Matt went rock climbing yesterday, saw Micah, and hung out with friends.

John 13:2-5.
Washing feet is not doing everything the person wants you to do, out of their selfishness and self- centeredness, but doing what God says to do for them out of a humble and loving heart.  Judas wanted something much different than Jesus washing his feet. His treasure was in money and things – not a relationship. A humble and loving heart turned toward Jesus will always see ways to wash feet, rather than placate the enemy.


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