Symphony in the park

I had another great day yesterday.

Carey fixed a big breakfast for us – sausage, biscuits, gravy, and eggs – before we took the rest of the tree to the dump yesterday. We took the dogs with us in the pickup truck and when we got home, Sunny pushed Cricket out of the truck and he fell on his front left foot. He limped the rest of the day, but seems a little better this morning.

Yesterday afternoon we did a few other things around the house then got ready for our date last night.

We enjoyed great weather, great food (a Publix picnic,) and each other at Crocket Park last night – watching the people and the sun set – and listening to the symphony.

Darcy and Taylor – and Lindsey and Nathan – turned their noses up at going to the symphony with us. I think they thought it was going to be too stuffy. But it was a fun date. Darcy is still getting calls on her car, but no buyer yet. When Taylor came over yesterday afternoon we got to listen to a little about his new job. They had Chinese and watched a DVD last night.

Matt worked yesterday.


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