Grandkids and work

I started yesterday with our Insanity workout while Carey did her pilates.

I had a meeting in Brentwood at 9a. While I was there, Lindsey brought the grandkids to our house, picked up Carey and they went to the Fieldstone Farms pool.

Casual Thursday?

I came home and worked as the kids came in and played here at the house yesterday afternoon. Carey took this picture of me working at home. The folks at Locomotion Creative are proud that they have been able to convince me to dress casually at work. They don’t know just how casual I am when I’m working from home!

I called my brother Ed yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and he told me about his best birthday present: His son Craig‘s leading his son Jackson to accept Jesus as his Savior.

This morning I posted my column for this week, Here’s Looking at You, published today.

Darcy had another good day at school yesterday. She went to lunch with some new friends from school. Last night she modeled again for Southgate Studio and Fine Art.

Matt worked yesterday from noon-nine then went out with friends.


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