Rest & smiles, lawnmower carcass

Marcy rested yesterday but not as much as I expected after being out Saturday. She still smiled last night. Yesterday marked 9 weeks immersed in the Word and 9 weeks with absolutely no pain medicine needed.

Mower Carcass

I stayed close to Marcy yesterday except for the few minutes I looked at the lawnmower carcass in our backyard – the residue from Friday’s fire. I figured it was safe enough yesterday – it wasn’t going to “blow.” I think it may be salvageable. I’ll take it to my lawnmower repair friend in Leiper’s Fork to see what he thinks. I think it looks like The Terminator (from the first movie?) after all his skin melted off.

We received a couple of text replies yesterday from Pigeon Forge. Matt, Darcy, and friends made it there safely and loved WonderWorks. Darcy: “Even Matt liked it.” They made a spontaneous trip to Dinosaur Land to try and fulfill Darcy’s dream vacation (since seeing the 1994 movie “Clifford“) and the hotel has an indoor swimming pool. Reminds me of when we went to Disney 100 years ago and the kids just wanted to stay at the hotel pool!

Today they plan to see “some ginormous awesome hamster ball thing that Steve wants to see” before going to Dollywood. I suppose we’ll get more details when they get home.

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Today’s Bearing: Romans 12:3; Application: Operating in “the” measure of faith.

Daily Prayer for Marcy: God’s continued healing manifestation. Continued relief from pain and discomfort.

Lots of openings in our Dinner Calendar. Please pick a night and email to volunteer to bring dinner.

F:3, Optimental:3, I:Whey, Y:6, B:6, O:0, M:0, P:1, T:1


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